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Who will be
The Most Resilient Company?

Take on the 12 week challenge to make your company and employees more resilient!

The Most Resilient Company?

Mental resilience is THE competence of the 21st century, which has once again highlighted the current Covid pandemic.

Do you also want to work on the resilience of your employees in a sustainable way?

Then take on the 12 week challenge together and, who knows, you will be voted The Most Resilient Company for 1 year!

What does the 12 week challenge entail?

Just like your muscles, you can also train your brain to become more resilient!

This way you protect yourself against stress, burnout and other mental problems.

Of course we are happy to support you with that!


Pre measurement of resilience

Using a tracking device and an algorithm developed by BioRICS, we map the resilience of your employees. The BioRICS App is the first in the world to provide the user – in real time – with information about mental energy use and recovery, based on objective body measurements.


12 weeks of coaching

During 12 weeks your employees will be guided to work on their mental resilience. 6 themes are discussed that are directly related to increasing resilience. Every week we zoom in on 1 of the themes with concrete tips and tricks and we coach people to create new habits that increase their resilience in a sustainable way.

With the help of the App, employees can monitor in real time the effect of the newly learned habits on their own resilience. They are triggered to make positive changes that have a lasting effect on their health and mental resilience.


Post measurement of resilience 

After completing the coaching journey, we measure again. We map the evolution of the resilience of your employees. As a company you will receive an anonymous group report as well as an analysis and advice meeting.

Any company that starts the 12 week challenge between January and December, 2023, has a chance to be named the Most Resilient Company during the closing event. In addition to strengthening your “human capital”, you also work on the team spirit within your company!

Who are we?






Founder Wouter Goris laid the foundations of the Improve method during his early years. On January 1, 2007, he officially baptized Ready2improve.

From that point on, our coaching team has grown into the versatile Ready2improve of today: the participants of The Fittest Company are welcomed by a multidisciplinary team including sports psychologists, masters in physical education, nutrition specialists and therapists…

We will be delighted to develop a well-being policy tailored to your company together with you and we will support projects that have a sustainable influence on the well-being of your employees!

The Fittest Company

The Fittest Company is a 12 week challenge to make your company and employees fitter. With a personalized training schedules and with the help of 12 health themes, you will work together to improve your fitness as a company. 

A healthy mind in a healthy body – that’s what we aim for together!


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